Main modifications on ADR 2019

Main modifications on ADR 2019

Dangerous goods safety advisor for sender and comercial agents

Following the point, it’s compulsory to designate the senders or comercial agents who only hire but not load, unload or transport as Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.

“ Undertakings which participate in the carriage of dangerous goods only as consignors and which did not have to appoint a safety adviser on the basis of the provisions applicable until 31 December 2018 shall, by derogation from the provisions of applicable from 1 January 2019, appoint a safety adviser no later than 31 December 2022”

United nations new numbers

New UN numbers are established for articles, the transport category 4 will be a used (unlimited).

  • UN3537 Articles containing flammable gas, not otherwise specified (2.1)
  • UN3538 Articles containing non-flammable, non-toxic gas, not otherwise specified (2.2)
  • UN3539 Articles containing toxic gas, not otherwise specified (2.3)
  • UN3540 Articles containing flammable liquid, not otherwise specified (3)
  • UN3541 Articles containing flammable solid, not otherwise specified (4.1)
  • UN3542 Articles containing a substance liable to spontaneous combustion, not otherwise specified (4.1)
  • UN3543 Articles containing a substance which in contact with water emits flammable gases, not otherwise specified (4.3)
  • UN3544 Articles containing oxidizing substance, not otherwise specified (5.1)
  • UN3545 Articles containing organic peroxide, not otherwise (5.2)
  • UN3546 Articles containing toxic substance, not otherwise (6.1)
  • UN3547 Articles containing corrosive substance, not otherwise specified (8)
  • UN3548 Articles containing miscellaneous dangerous goods, not otherwise specified (9)

New clasification for corrosive mixtures

The point develops the new calculation method for the packaging group regarding mixtures with classification 8, unless mixture tests has been already done.

Proper naming for un numbers

In those UN numbers with two possible official names, just ONE will be assign (the most proper one will be chosen).

For example:


Sga pictogram vs adr pictogram

According to SGA, during the transport, the SGA pictogram not required regarding ADR regulations should appear only as a part of SGA label, not on its own.

Modifications for some packing and tank intructions. See 4.1 and 4.2 sections

Calculation value added to the transport documents, within the exemption

The point indicates:

“In the case of intended application of, the total quantity and the calculated value of dangerous goods for each transport category shall be indicated in the transport document in accordance with and”


Modification in section:

  • 6.2 Pressure receptacles
  • 6.8 Tanks: construction and tests
  • 7.1.7 Transport statements for substances stabilized by temperature control
  • 9.7.3 Fastening

Here can be downloaded the dull ADR 2019 vol1

Here can be downloaded the dull ADR 2019 vol2