New siam website

Welcome to our new website! At SIAM we have always excelled in providing benefits tailored to each customer. That's why, with this new and improved image, we hope to make navigation more comfortable and straightforward, with a view to offering a more practical, more useful and - above all - more complete environment for our users and customers.

This new website includes many new features and enhancements, which are summarised as follows:

- Simplified navigation by merging the websites of Chemeter, SdSArea and SIAM into a single website under the name of our company (SIAM), offering the same information but in a more convenient, organised and useful way.

- Combination of structures: the main page of each section will feature all the information, which means it will be easier for users to browse through all the sections and find what they are looking for among our wide range of services.

- Adaptation and compatibility with new devices: one of our top new features is the accessibility to our website from mobile devices thanks to responsive design, which also provides simpler and more immediate access to all our information.

- User-oriented design: we have chosen to give the website a more modern and visual touch, focussing on usability and accessibility. With a renewed and enhanced image, it is simpler and quicker than the previous version.

- SIAM operates in all 5 continents and that's why we have migrated our website to the

- The accent is on our commitment to customers through the incorporation of striking elements such as banners and a new and more up-to-date image aiming to give greater visibility to our customised support, with alerts and notifications about courses, seminars, conferences and other useful services for our users.