SIAM thanks all the professionals in the chemical industry

SIAM thanks all the professionals in the chemical industry

The entire SIAM team wants to thank the more than 3,000 companies and each of the more than 200,000 professionals in the Spanish chemical industry, who continue working day after day to fight the virus off so we can all be able to continue with our lives.

We join the video made by Feique (Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry) to thank you all. see video

Thank you for the WATER we drink, treated with purification products and other treatments; Thank you for the OXYGEN that you are providing us in the form of medical and industrial gases; Thank you for the MEDICATIONS, VACCINES and ANTIBIOTICS, which are saving hundreds of thousands of lives every day; Thank you for PROTECTING US with your synthetic fibers, in the form of protective equipment and sanitary material, and for the gallons of alcohols and disinfecting and antiseptic agents; and above all thanks for NOT GIVING UP, for keeping on investigating for a solution and for your strong commitment to investment in R + D + i.

With your help and our commitment, we will overcome it.