Singapore adapts to the GHS 7th Revised Edition

Singapore adapts to the GHS 7th Revised Edition

On April 4, the government agency Enterprise Singapore, which promotes the business development of the Asian country, published a revision proposal for the Singapore Standard (SS) 586, which regulates the communication and registration of hazardous chemicals, with the aim of adapting it to the seventh revised edition of the GHS.

The proposed changes to SS 586 includes:

Revision of SS 586-2:2014: Globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals

This standard sets out provisions for the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling (GHS) in Singapore.

This revision:

  • 1. Enhances the requirements for labeling and training.
  • 2. Includes a new physical hazard class for desensitized explosives.
  • 3. Creates a new section on “Hazard communication for chemicals stored in the workplace” in section 8.
  • 4. Adds a new informative Annex B to give examples of labeling for chemicals in small containers.

Revision of SS 586-3:2008: Preparation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

This standard sets out provisions for the preparation, review, reissue and use of SDS. It covers the responsibility of the suppliers and manufacturers of chemical substances and preparations in the compilation and completion of an SDS.

This revision:

  • 1. Updates the examples provided according to the 7th revised edition of the GHS Purple Book.
  • 2. Introduces a new informative Annex D which provides guidance in describing and determining the empirical data of the substance or mixture, which are required to be indicated in the physical and chemical properties section of SDS.
  • 3. Introduces Annex E, which lists other properties not required on SDS but that might be useful to communication.

The revision has been open to public comments until 6 June 2022 and it is expected to come into force after all the information received is carefully analyzed.

In Siam we will be attentive to any final decision to keep updated the module for Singapore of our software CHEMETER, which allows to make in a simple and updated way SDS to market our products in that country.