Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy


This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy lays down a framework to ensure responsible conduct with the stakeholders of Soluciones Informáticas Ambientales, S.L. and SIAM USA LLC, hereinafter SIAM.

SIAM's mission is to contribute to society by responding to the need for the chemical industry to comply with legislation on hazardous chemicals with regard to labelling and the creation of safety data sheets (SDS).


The objective of SIAM's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is to draw on sustainable development to offer the chemical industry compliance with legislation, provide profitability to its shareholders, promote an ethical culture and legal compliance, foster the professional training of its employees, accompany the development of the communities in which it operates, and sustainably use the natural resources required for its activity based on a shared value creation approach with all its stakeholders.


1. Legality and compliance with legislation.

When we talk about legality, SIAM's commitment applies equally to the company itself and to contracted suppliers and professionals.

When working on an international level, this aspect becomes even more complicated. Rules are different between countries and what is legal in one country may not be legal in another and vice versa, which is why SIAM regulates suppliers in order to work with those who scrupulously comply with the law, attempting to empower suppliers from countries which have an even stricter legal framework than Spain does.

2. Environmental responsibility and sustainable growth.

Another of the most important aspects of SIAM's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy concerns the environment. At a time when the climate crisis is reaching a point of no return, every company is responsible for doing everything possible to mitigate its effects.

As a result of SIAM's commitment to the environment and its obsession with being a company that interacts with the environment in the most beneficial way possible, we are certified with the international standard ISO 14001:2015. Therefore, we clearly intend to reduce our significant environmental aspects and to guarantee that the entire company takes on the commitment to be carbon neutral.

3. Support for equality and diversity.

Support for equality is another of the most important aspects at SIAM. We are not content with only having an equality plan in force at SIAM, as we also have active policies to close the gender gap and break the glass ceiling.

The gender pay gap and the glass ceiling are not structural issues for SIAM as positions of responsibility are held equally by men and women.

Likewise, at SIAM we believe that support for gender identity and for diversity in relationships and sexuality also entails a significant improvement to society.

What's more, plans to support people with disabilities are key to encouraging their integration into the labour market.

In addition to gender equality and support for diversity in relationships and sexuality, the fight against xenophobia and age discrimination results in much friendlier companies, which create real changes in society with a greater number of prospects that result in better performance.

4. Commitment to social dialogue, participatory decision-making, and labour rights./strong>

At SIAM we firmly believe that this is one of the key points of CSR guidelines worldwide.

The participation of employees in the company, the right to join trade unions, and employees' rights such as holidays and sick leave without dismissal, and so forth, are aspects covered by Spanish legislation because they protect the workforce. However, as SIAM operates in other countries, where there may be looser laws, we ensure that these aspects are obeyed in the same way as at our head office.

At SIAM, we are passionately committed to talent management. This means that employees are fully aware that they are not just another number in the company, but that they are part of the organisation and they are taken into account.

At SIAM we always want to optimise the pride of belonging to the company, which is not related to salary but to the company's social responsibility.

SIAM is committed to the eradication of child labour. We have a duty to protect adolescence and childhood and ensure compliance with the provisions of Convention 138 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in relation to child labour, while condemning all forms of child labour and slavery.

SIAM is committed to the eradication of all forms of forced labour, slavery, and human trafficking. Forced and bonded labour, slavery (including practices associated with modern slavery), servitude, and human trafficking must be rejected, and any risks in its operations and global value chain must be minimised.

At SIAM we believe in supporting, encouraging, and promoting dignified work and a living wage that meets the basic needs of workers and their families, with remuneration commensurate with the functions performed and the number of hours worked, while respecting national minimum wage legislation, and ensuring that payments are made regularly, on time, and directly. Commitment to ILO standards on working hours as well as national legislation on working time and overtime must be respected. The rules on working hours, breaks and remuneration must be communicated to workers in an accessible and understandable way.

At SIAM we believe in diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination. An inclusive recruitment process and work environment must be maintained, in which diversity is promoted on the basis of a cross-cutting, global, social, and committed agenda, as well as being free from discrimination and any abusive or hostile conduct involving harassment of a personal nature. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality, social origin, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, ideology, political or trade union opinions, beliefs, cognitive and/or physical ability, religion or any other personal, physical, or social condition; as well as harassment at work, whether sexual or otherwise.

At SIAM we carry out recruitment and labour migration practices based on our commitment to respecting and monitoring the human rights of vulnerable groups, such as migrant workers. We must take the necessary measures to protect them by ensuring the non-existence of recruitment fees of any kind throughout the recruitment process or employment relationships contracted by workers with recruitment agents, the non-existence of any kind of deception, coercion, or omission in the contracts and recruitment process, as well as ensure the proper understanding of contracts and their terms and conditions by the worker at all times, and the provision of visas and identity documents, avoiding the retention of these documents beyond what is strictly necessary. Workers should be free to terminate the employment relationship at any time without the imposition of any penalty.

SIAM is committed to the health and safety of workers, who must be provided with the necessary personal protective equipment and a safe working environment, in which they can carry out their work in the best possible conditions of occupational health and safety. Occupational risk prevention measures and policies at all levels of the activity must be constantly updated, managed in an integrated manner, and known by the workers, and applicable regulations must be scrupulously respected. Health insurance schemes must also be developed where they do not exist or operate in the regions of activity, as well as ensuring that workers are covered for occupational accidents. A zero-accident rate target must also be set.

5. Commitment to local communities.

SIAM has a strong commitment to local communities. We know that a company depends on the employees who live in its area and should return some of that wealth to the place that helped it grow.

At SIAM, we work with local suppliers whenever possible in a way that helps the growth of the surrounding environment, as well as contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

6. Anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

In order to prevent and fight corruption and bribery, SIAM complies with the legislation in force in all its activities and in all the countries where it operates by committing to:

Not influencing, or attempting to influence, the will of any person to gain a benefit or advantage through the use of unethical or illegal practices.

Being transparent in all actions, operations and transactions and ensuring that the information that the company publishes is truthful.

Establishing a specific regime for gifts, presents and invitations where SIAM sets the rules and guidelines on what is acceptable and what is not.

Providing in-house anti-corruption and anti-bribery training to its employees, ensuring that all employees understand the regimes established by SIAM and the consequences.

Having a dedicated reporting channel that is accessible to employees and third parties, whether anonymously or not, which anyone with knowledge of unethical or illegal corruption or bribery should contact. This channel is: