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Chemeter is an innovative software solution designed for the chemical industry that differs from others available in the market.

The advantages of this application are based on the fact that it automatically creates safety data sheets, using a unique smart calculation system. As static templates are not used to create the safety data sheets generated, each one is different and unique.

The results of the Chemeter calculation system of physico-chemical properties for mixtures have been validated by a renowned research group of specialists and academics using a strict quality control, so Chemeter is a tested software with maximum reliability.



Safety data sheet (SDS)

Avoid sanctions by complying with legislation in an effortless way

Chemeter creates the safety data sheet by means of an automatic calculation tailored to the country where the product is placed on the market and to the specific regulations of the industry in question.

Furthermore, legislation governing the content of safety data sheets calls for the document to be tailored to the regulations of the country where it is placed on the market. This means that it is compulsory for a safety data sheet to:

  • checkBe formatted according to specific regulation (section titles, legislative phrases, etc.)
  • checkBe written in the official language of the country where the product is placed on the market.
  • checkContain the country-specific workplace exposure limits.
  • checkList specific national legislation in section 15.

Creating the safety data sheet (SDS) properly has become an absolute necessity in order to appropriately and quickly comply with current legislation and therefore avoid unnecessary sanctions.


Label editor

Innovative tool for designing CLP and GHS labels

Chemeter provides an integrated label designer, which allows you to quickly and intuitively design labels with information about your product, including size and availability, according to CLP and GHS regulation, and tailored to your corporate image with a custom design.

The correct signalling of the dangers inherent in the use and handling of chemical products is essential for an appropriate market placement process. Thanks to labelling in accordance with the legislation and with an attractive design, your products will gain an added value and a competitive advantage over other companies.

Create labels

By following these straightforward instructions, you will be able to create labels in multiple formats and languages in just a few minutes with Chemeter:

01. Prepare your template design

02. Select the languages

03. Automatically create the label


As key distinguishing feature, SIAM offers its own substance database:

  • Full integration with CHEMETER, with no additional acquisition costs or reliance on a third party database and no time wasted on manually entering the complex information required.
  • These values have been verified by the SIAM team, so the user does not have to worry about data quality or have the extensive legislative knowledge required for their selection.
  • Ongoing updates.

SIAM® CHEMICAL REGULATORY DATABASE helps you to rapidly access the verified chemical regulatory data of more than 15.000 substances for the automatic generation of safety documentation (MSDS, labels, etc...) and also to obtain worldwide regulatory requirements.

Chemeter Regulatory

Thanks to the international SIAM network, present in over 20 countries worldwide, CHEMETER REGULATORY covers all these mandatory requirements, as a simple translation is a serious legislative breach.

As a result, Chemeter creates GHS-compliant safety data sheets (SDS) for each country via a smart automatic calculation, while also adapting to the specific SDS format found in more than 50 countries.


National and international regulations related to the industries in which Chemeter operates are continuously being updated, thereby complying with SIAM’s objective of providing a dynamic IT solution which is continuously updated and enhanced at the market's request.

We offer regular automatic updates that include legislative changes and add new features, allowing us to meet all the needs of our customers.

Integration with your system

Benefit from the might of Chemeter in your management system

Chemeter offers you the possibility to transfer your data (avoiding the need to re-enter your product information) or to benefit from full integration into your production system.

Automatically and transparently integrate documentation creation (safety data sheets, labels, transport documents, etc.) into your production processes. Quickly and reliably transfer information (formulas, features, etc.) from your management system to Chemeter (and vice versa).

01. Web services and XML: use the most reliable technology
Chemeter ensures dynamic and reliable integration that is tailored to all systems, using communication standards and the transfer of structured information.
02. Import from external data sources: integrate your data quickly
Chemeter provides an intuitive wizard that lets you easily and effortlessly import data from other sources (Excel, Access, ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, etc.). Enter your data into Chemeter in just minutes.
03. Command line: the most straightforward technology
Interact with Chemeter using the command line.

Our clients have many management systems that have been integrated with Chemeter. These are the best known ones:

ECM GT Química

Logic Class



JD Edwards




Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision)

Relevant industries

  • check Adhesives and glues
  • check Automotive and lubricants
  • check Enamels and frits
  • check Laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry
  • check Building materials
  • check Multi-sectoral additives
  • check Rubber
  • check Pesticides, biocides and fertilisers
  • check Paints, varnishes and inks
  • check Resins
  • check Animal feed
  • check Dyes and pigments
  • check Textile and leather goods
  • check Cleaning products, fragrances and cosmetics


simulador i+d


The Chemeter R&D simulator creates prototypes of formulas to check their properties in advance. This avoids the need for trials and saves on human resources.
The Chemeter R&D simulator is based on prediction models currently used in the field of chemical engineering. Following the advice of the DIQMAG research group at the University of Salamanca, the theoretical results of the simulator have been verified with empirical results, thereby obtaining a very useful tool that avoids unnecessary time wasted in the laboratory.


Chemeter has an additional module to generate the "Workplace Instructions" in a few steps.
A tool, with which you will be able to facilitate and inform the worker about the risks of his job, not using the SDS. With an easily configurable content with the option to display:
  • UN number.
  • Product identifier.
  • Telephone number in case of emergency.
  • Physical appearance.
  • Potential and adverse health effects.
  • Etc.
Cartas de porte


Chemeter is able to automatically classify the data of goods (ADR/RID, IMDG and IATA) and create transport documents according to ADR regulations, thereby eradicating the need to enter data manually.
The carriage of dangerous goods is regulated by the ADR agreement. Under this agreement, the consignor of dangerous goods is required to issue and deliver the transport documents for dispatched dangerous goods to the person in charge of transportation. The transport document includes information about the consignor, the carrier, handling, the addressee and specific information about the goods, among other items.
Últimas tecnologías


Chemeter works with a reliable and cutting-edge platform. This guarantees an optimal, agile, dynamic and flexible operation which is fully integrated with computer systems.
  • Integration with the ERP of the company.
  • Automatic data import from external sources.
  • Latest Microsoft technologies for its operation:Net and SQL Server.
  • Centralised and unified data on a database server enabling simultaneous users from various points and ensuring updated information at all times.
  • Easily accessible information in real time.
  • Attractive and customisable design, including the appearance of Office.
  • Easy installation and setup.

Chemeter cloud

  • Safety data sheets
  • Labels
  • R&D simulator
  • Updated legislation
  • Additional modules
  • No installation required
  • Access from anywhere


  • Safety data sheets
  • Labels
  • R&D simulator
  • Updated legislation
  • Additional modules
  • Local installation