PU Consulting AB new SIAM’s partner

In SIAM we are committed to expansion and that our products reach as many customers as possible. That is why we are pleased to announce the collaboration with PU Consulting AB. This will allow customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Baltic countries Estonia Lithuania and Latvia to have our programs closer, in order to generate and distribute their safety data sheets.

Since 2011 PU Consulting AB conducts technology development in materials, process and design, also helping customers with distribution, consulting and new development. With more than 30 years of experience, it is a trusted and experienced partner for many companies throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries. With a national and international presence, their network for industrial renewal and sustainable development is a central part of their partners’ global success.

By interacting with SIAM PU Consulting AB will offer our Chemeter software which automatically generates SDS that are compliant with more than 50 national legislations. Customers will get competitive advantages by generating safety data sheets, e-SDS and other documents and using our label editor.

PU Consulting AB CEO and Founder Ulf Perell says:

“We are happy to announce this new partnership agreement with SIAM. We believe our customers will benefit from it as SIAM has been recognized as one of the best solutions for safety data sheets designed for the most demanding markets around the world. Our existing knowledge of Safety data sheets and our established distribution network enables us to quickly extend the promotion and supply of SIAMS products across a wide range of industries. We look forward to work with SIAM for many years to come.“