44% of the mixtures considered as hazardous do not comply with the mandatory classification and labelling!

(Legislation “breaks down” in the industry)

Inspectors from 29 countries revised a total of 3391 mixtures and 1620 companies from manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors in the sixth project of the EU-wide Enforcement Forum. Most of these mixtures were: washing and cleaning products, biocides, coatings, paints, paint thinners and strippers, adhesives and sealants, environmental fragrances and air freshener products, because they are very common and contain hazardous substances.

The result was worrying; 43% of the companies and 44% of the checked mixtures had at least one non-compliance. Among these non-compliances, the following can be highlighted:

  • - 17% of the mixtures checked were using an incorrect classification, resulting in incorrect labelling, preventing correct advice on safe use of the product. In addition, 33% of the mixtures notified were incorrectly labelled.
  • - 9% of all harmonised substances in the inspection did not contain the required harmonised classification and labelling.
  • - 33% of the SDS did not comply with the requirements checked.

In conclusion, in order to avoid incoherent information on SDS and labels, manufacturers, importers and downstream users must make an effort to classify properly their products and also improve SDS quality. This will ensure that the correct information is communicated along the supply chain.