Connected Regulations in the Rubber sector

Last 1st February was conducted an online seminar for members of the "Consorcio Nacional de Industriales del Caucho" (Spanish Rubber Association) about “Connected Regulations in the Rubber sector: ADR, Hazardous Waste and Seveso III”.

The relation between these three regulations and the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) was discussed; taking special attention to the importance of CLP classification as a tool to understand ADR, Hazardous Waste and Seveso III classifications.

As an example, it was observed the correlation between categories and packing groups for flammable liquids, when classifying according to CLP and ADR, respectively.

Siam has a great experience in the Rubber sector having some of the main producers as clients, also offers a Dangerous Good Safety Advisor (DGSA) service. In addition, CHEMETER software automatically creates safety data sheets, using a unique smart calculation system including ADR information and specific regulations as SEVESO III.