ECHA prioritizes 18 substances (SVHC) on the Candidate List for Authorisation

ECHA has published its ninth recommendation to the European Commission regarding substances of very high concern (SVHC) for the REACH Authorisation List.

The substances on this list, which currently contains 43 substances, have been prioritized from the Candidate List for Authorisation due to their intrinsic properties in combination with high volume and widespread uses, because they may pose a threat to human health or environment. Depending on the dangers they cause, 18 substances are included in its latest recommendation:

  • - Thirteen toxic for reproduction (one with endocrine disruption properties)
  • - An endocrine disruptor
  • - A carcinogen
  • - A very persistent and very bioaccumulative substance (mPmB)
  • - Two respiratory sensitizers.

Some of these substances are not currently used in the EU but prioritizing them over others can prevent some entity from using them and they have to make a subsequent substitution for other substances of less danger.

ECHA organized a public consultation on this project between September and December 2018. For its part, if, finally, the recommendation is approved by the European Commission, in collaboration with the Member States and the European Parliament, the substances will be included in the Annex XIV of REACH.