Four new chemical substances included in the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHCs)

The list, that now contains 209 substances that may have serious effects on our health or environment, has recently been updated to include three substances considered toxic to reproduction and one endocrine disruptor:

  • 1-vinilimidazol (CAS no.: 1072-63-5)

    Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c)

  • 2-metilimidazol (CAS 693-98-1)

    Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c)

  • Dibutilbis (pentano-2,4-dionato-O, O ') (CAS 22673-19-4)

    Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c)

  • 4-hidroxibenzoato de butilo (butilparabeno) (CAS 94-26-8)

    Endocrine disrupting properties (Article 57(f) - human health)

On recent declarations, Christel Musset, ECHA’s Director of Hazard Assessment , has said that "chemicals on the Candidate List are among the most regulated in the EU, and our aim is to gradually phase them out. In the meanwhile, companies need to ensure their safe use and be transparent towards consumers, substituting them with safer alternatives.”

To boost this process, from January 2021, companies will have to notify products containing SVHCs to ECHA’s upcoming SCIP database on substances of concern in articles and products.

You can see the full list and amplify information in the this link

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