Replace "UFI notified to the Spanish INTCF" by the "harmonized UFI"

INTCF (Spanish Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences), communicate to all the notifiers companies, the option to replace the previously notified ‘UFI’ of the mixture in Spain by the actual harmonized UFI, without the need to resubmit and paying for it.

To change de UFI, you must enter to the SRE follow the instructions included in the SRE User Manual (link “¿Necesita ayuda? ).

UFI may only be changed once for each notified mixture. If an additional UFI change is required, it should be submitted as always and paying for it.

The harmonized UFI will be mandatory in the labels of chemical hazardous mixtures when Annex VIII of CLP enter into force.

More information about UFI and Annex VIII link