As part of SIAM's strategic growth and diversification plan, we have acquired the ownership of "Laboratorios Almabe IDUQC", an independent laboratory founded in 2012 and located in the Murcia Science and Technology Park.

"Laboratorios Almabe IDUQC" provides analysis, physicochemical/microbiological contrast, product performance and technical consulting services to third parties for the development, optimisation and monitoring of processes and products for detergents and cosmetics throughout the life cycle, including product stewardship. It uses state-of-the-art technical resources for these services and employs a highly specialised team of experts.

This transaction, part of SIAM's strategic growth and diversification plan, will leverage the existing synergies between both companies’ lines of business, enhancing their positioning in industries such as cosmetics and detergents.

SIAM will retain the entire staff of "Laboratorios Almabe IDUQC", who will continue to be managed by the laboratory's founder Miguel Martínez Blanco, while all its activities will continue at its current facilities in Murcia.