Siam collaborates with Epson in its range of on-demand label printers

En Siam collaborates with Epson in its ColorWorks C6000 Series, and its models CWC6000P and CWC6000A, which allow to generate batches of color labels, on demand, and are equipped with a very intuitive software that guarantees a continuous flow labeling, allowing distribution to not slow down.

Its use is especially focused in sectors such as logistics, food packaging or the labeling of sanitary products, all essential in times like this, and allow them to print cards and color labels internally and when they need it, ensuring a continuous flow of labeling based on the following functionalities:

  • Lets you take control of the labeling process: no need to request pre-printed labels, you can print whenever you need.
  • They improve efficiency: no need to search for the right preprinted labels or change pre printed rolls.
  • They add flexibility: you can create custom labels when you need to, even include redesigns on the fly, and print only the labels you need.
  • They increase speed: their high print quality does not imply speed loss, so the amount time spent in the production of labels is greatly reduced.
  • They eliminate unforeseen costs: they reduce third-party costs associated with custom preprints and also reduce errors in label creation, late deliveries, and penalties.
  • They dramatically reduce label stock: shelves full of preprinted label rolls are out. Now only the blank tag is needed, and that one will never become obsolete.