16 years after its birth, Linkedin has over 600 million users worldwide. Along this time, it has grown from a mere bulletin board and job portal to become a platform that gives voice to the organization, and helps its members (employees and followers) to obtain information about the company, its products, services and any other updates.

SIAM cannot be oblivious to this reality, and for this reason we have decided to implement our corporate communication strategy through this social network, with the purpose of communicating and strengthening our reputation as a company and as a brand.

What specific objectives do we pursue?

  • Getting our business profile on LinkedIn to show the world the essence of the company, its values, its philosophy and its vitality.
  • Achieve brand visibility, create relationships and exchange professional synergies.

How are we going to get it?

  • Updating business information
    • -We will explain what SIAM is, what it does, how it does it and what its values, philosophy and vision are.
    • -We will give visibility to our products.
  • Content Generation:
    • - Generating brand image through internal and external content.
    • -Internal Contents: ideas related to the brand, new products or services, updates or any relevant news regarding SIAM's activity.
    • -External content: share and publish information and relevant updates from the chemical sector that is published in general and specialized media.

What do we expect from you?

As Siam customers, you know first-hand how our company works and its services, and we would like you to be our best ambassadors. Furthermore, we are part of the same professional family, and an interaction based on the exchange of professional knowledge, updated skills and achievements will generate synergies that contribute to enriching our professional relationship and our own activity.

To those contacts who still do not use our services, we also invite you to join our network to learn more about Siam's professional activity and corporate values. Therefore, we invite all of you to join us on this journey by carrying out the following actions:

  • Follow SIAM corporate page and Santiago García´s profile, our CEO.
  • Again, the value that you can bring to SIAM is invaluable to us: interact with the content
  • If you like it, do not hesitate to share the publications in your personal profiles.

SIAM company website on Linkedin