Disabling a submitted notification: why, when and how

On December 2021, the ECHA updated the “PCN: a practical guide” to its version 5.0. A version which includes a step-by-step explanation of the new functionality for disable submitted notifications through the ECHA submission portal, which was introduced in IUCLID 6 (version 6.20.)

WHY would companies need to disable a notification?

Now, the ECHA submission portal allows companies to disable a successfully submitted dossier when they need it because:

  • It contains wrong information that cannot be deleted or fully replaced due to existing validation rules for updates.
  • It has submitted the wrong submission type, for example, a new notification for significant change of composition instead of an update of an existing notification having the same composition.
  • It has mistakenly submitted a dossier than contains test data.
  • The submission was made from the wrong legal entity account, for example, as a consultant.

IN WHICH CASES would be accepted to disable a notification?

This new function is only accessed in very specific circumstances, namely, when incorrect data has been submitted and cannot be corrected in any update.

In those cases, only the latest valid submission (e.g. if the notification has been updated) will offer this feature. Thus, in case of updated submissions, it is only possible to disable the latest submission, and then, the company may also consider to disable the initial submission as well.

HOW is the process to disable a notification?

The “Dissable Submission functionality” can be accessed via the three dots “...” from the submission report:

disable submission

ECHA PCN: a practical guide, 12.6 point

After accessing the feature, companies must choose one of the selected reasons to disable a notification:


ECHA PCN: a practical guide, 12.6 point

Then, once the request to disable the submission has been confirmed, it will generate a number assigned to it, in order to track the process down in the ECHA Submission portal:


ECHA PCN: a practical guide, 12.6 point

Finally, it is important to notice that, once the submission has been successfully disabled, it is the responsibility of the company to inform downstream customers who may be affected by the disabling process as there is no communication to inform those companies who make reference to such submissions.

If you still have any questions regarding this process, you can contact our expert team:

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  • USA: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They can also advise you on how to disable the dossiers easily in Chemeter.